Arriba Nacional – Ecuador 55%


Brand: Puchero

Country: Ecuador

Farm: Finca Garyth

Variety: Arriba Nacional

Taste Notes: Wild cacao, tropical fruits, almonds

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter

Net Weight:  70g

Thomas and Yolande grow Arriba Nacional cacao with utmost care, and the most progressive cacao farming methods. It was the first farm in Ecuador to receive in 2014 recognition of its work with a certificate of denomination of protected origin “Cacao Arriba Nacional”. The Cedeño Aguilar’s family educates their workers to improve technical and quality skills, and transfers know-how to neighbouring farms. The cocoa is grown in agroforestry, without any pesticide and with organic fertilizers only, which avoids land use conversion to monoculture plantations. The picking is done manually, and the beans are then fermented 6 to 9 days in wooden boxes, then dried with a heat inductor fuelled by palm husk.

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