Daterra Bacamarte (LOT 02) – Brazil


Brand: The Underdog

Country: Brazil

Region: Patrocínio, MG

Variety: Gesha

Fermentation: Honey

Taste Notes: Stone fruits, lemon, black tea, orange, umami
Nose: lemongrass, aromatic herbs, sugar cane, seaweed

Suggested: Filter

Weight: 200g

Roasting Date: 09.06.2020

„We handpicked the Daterra Gesha cherries and, at our microlot processing station, we pulped them using no water to retain all the mucilage. The beans, still coated by the thick mucilage, were then placed on Raised Beds for about 20 days. As we do with all microlots, we finished the drying on a gas-fueled drum drier that allows a very precise and fine-tuned drying.“

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