Dark Bar & Cacao Nibs 100%


Brand: Menakao

A very dark bar with deep cocoa notes, bold and contained. As the cocoa liquor melts, the aromas are released, robust like a punch, over the subtle background of the fruity Madagascan beans. The crunchy cocoa nibs gives a rustic touch and which delightfully dance with the red fruit notes of the chocolate.

The image represents the portrait of a Betsimisaraka man (Numerous and inseparable): Living between Mananjary and Vohémar, they form the largest group of the east coast of Madagascar, a region of tropical rains, dense forest and lush vegetation. This cheerful people loves the collective dance characterized by a swinging hips and a slowness in the rhythm that recall the Polynesian dances.

Weight: 75g

Ingredients: Madagascar cocoa beans, cocoa nibs. Possible presence of nuts and milk proteins.

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