Edmar Busato – Brazil

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Producer: Edmar Busato

Region: Montanhas do Espirito Santo

Variety: Yellow Catucaí

Altitude: 950 meters

Harvest: June–August 2020

Fermentation: Pulped Natural

Taste Notes: Citric, Sweet, Floral, Molasses

Whole Beans Roasted For Espresso or For Filter


The Coffee Story

Sitio Santa Maria is located in the Santa Maria do Marechal community of Marechal Floriano in the Montanhas do Espírito Santo region. Coffee grows on 10 of the farm’s 32 hectares and Edmar Busato is the fourth generation of his family to produce coffee in Marechel Floriano. His great-grandfather, Santo Busato, came as a young boy from Italy to the region in 1890, where he worked the land for subsistence farming together with other families. From there, the property passed between generations until being left to Edmar.

Edmar grew up at the side of his father Ezidio, helping him and learning about coffee cultivation. Edmar has always worked to improve production volumes with new varieties and was always motivated to try for something different for his family’s coffee agriculture.

Edmar and his wife Sonia have two children, who support them in all the processes of running the farm. To ensure good quality, Edmar harvests coffee selectively, processes cherries as Pulped Natural, and dries the beans on raised beds. The farm’s elevation ranges from 800-1030 meters above sea level and flowering occurs between October and December.
Despite many difficulties in production, Edmar has become known for his specialty coffees, recognized with regional and state awards. Today, his oldest son, Igor Busato, is studying agronomy, poised to continue the legacy of his family’s work for future generations.

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