El Rubi – Colombia


Brand: Gardelli Specialty Coffee

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Fermentation: Classic Washed

Taste Notes: Green Apple, Peach, Honey, Candied Lemon

Suggested: For Espresso & Filter

Roasting Date: 20.07.2020

Finca El Rubi, where this lot comes from, is located in the Acevedo region of Huila, where Heiner Lazo has been farming coffee for many years. He acquired the farm 25 years ago with his wife Johanna. The farm was named after the precious jewel by its previous owner who received it as a wedding present. Heiner and Johanna now see it as their precious ruby. For many years, El Rubi has been planted with Caturra, Colombia and Castillo, but in the recent years Heiner and Johanna have also been experimenting with more exotic varietals. As a result, there are now varieties such as Papayo (named after the papaya fruit), SL 28 and 7,500 pink bourbon trees which were first planted 3,5 years ago. Heiner and Johanna are also experimenting with processing and are working with temperature controlled fermentation and anaerobic fermentation.

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