Öko Caribe – Dominican Republic 65%


Brand: Puchero

Country: Dominican Republic

Farm: Öko Caribe

Variety: Trinitario, Nacional, Criollo

Taste Notes: Roasted peanuts, honey, cherry

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, milk, cocoa butter

Net Weight:  70g

Öko Caribe was founded in 2006, with the idea to rise the quality standards of cocoa required by the international market. Therefore, the cocoa is produced in a social way, environment-friendly and in order to satisfy the needs both farmers and markets. The structure is quite large, with about 20 solar drying decks and 2 fermentation houses. The farmers produce the cacao in agroforestry, together with other crops and forest trees. The pods are open at the farm, and then the beans are transported to Öko Caribe. The fermentation lasts between 5 and 6 days in wooden boxes. The beans are then dried under a greenhouse tunnel. The quality is carefully checked before packing the beans in bags that are then stored in a clean, fresh and aerated warehouse. 

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