Unocace – Ecuador 70%


Brand: Puchero

Country: Ecuador

Farm: Unocace

Variety: Arriba Nacional

Taste Notes: Dried plums, green olives, crazy coffee

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, coffee, cocoa butter

Net Weight:  70g

The Unocace cooperative was born out of a project initiated by the European Union in 1996. This was around the time CCN51 quickly spread across Ecuador. CCN51 is a cacao variety with a high productivity and resilience against diseases but compared to Arriba Nacional there is a great loss in flavour. The Unocace cooperative aims at conserving country’s fine flavours. For this reason, not only do they pay farmers above market prices for their Nacional cocoa, they also encourage them to use agroforestry techniques. The cacao farmers harvest the pods and remove the pulp and beans from the husk on their farm, this so-called ‘wet cocoa’ is then transported to the nearest buying station. Here the fresh cocoa beans are fermented in wooden boxes, for 4 days. Afterwards the cocoa beans are transferred to drying tables where they stay 7 days. 

Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage

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