Milky Oolong – China


Brand: Xian Tea

Country: China

Region: Wuliang Mountain

Taste Notes: Floral, buttery notes, hint of peach

Harvest: Spring 2019

Net Weight: 100g

Everybody loves Oolong tea, no matter how you prepare it gongfustyle as a bowl tea or cold brew, it always turns out great and just simply tastes strong and floral with a buttery finish. It will hold up to ten rounds of re-steeping because of the high altitude the tea is grown in – at 2200m. Do not miss out the typical golden color of this „Jinxuan“ variety Oolong – also called Milky Oolong. Of course this tea is harvested by hand and processed in a Taiwanese style ball-shaped Oolong.

Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage

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