How to make espresso?

What you need

1. Grind and dose coffee

Remove the portafilter. Wipe it clean and dry out the basket. Zero out the scale and grind about 20g of coffee to the consistency of confectioner’s sugar directly into the portafilter. Tap it once or twice to settle it and distribute the coffee evenly with your finger. Tamp the portafilter until it feels like the coffee is pushing back. Make sure your coffee bed is level.

2. Prep the machine

Purge water through the grouphead to make sure everything is hot, then lock gently the portafilter into place.

3. Pull a shot

Engage the grouphead and start the scale and timer. Place a cup under portafilter and watch the espresso for a steady stream that should look like little mouse tails. The entire extraction should take about 25-35 seconds to brew about 40-42g of espresso. If it takes too much longer or is pulling too slowly, try a coarser grind. If it brews too quickly, try a finer grind.

4. Serve and enjoy


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